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Types Of Stainless Steel Sheet for Medical Facilities

Stainless steel sheet is made of any steel alloy having a chromium content of at least 10% by mass. This material used is also known as inox steel. It is used as a better, more sophisticated substitute of the normal steel sheet. It has both the qualities of normal steel and corrosion resistance to its advantage.

One of the notable advantages it has over the normal steel sheet is that it doesn’t corrode or rust readily and can’t be stained by water. This doesn’t mean that it is 100% stain-proof. Some of the conditions under which these sheets are still vulnerable to corrosion or rust include;

-High salinity level

-Poor circulation environments

-Under low oxygen

Also, your choice on the best stainless steel sheet will depend greatly on the specifications you want to acquire. This is to say that they are different on the basis of grades and surface finishes and each type is designed to suit the environment it must endure.

What makes the difference between the carbon steel sheet and the stainless steel one is the chromium level present. In the presence of moisture and air, the carbon steel will rust easily as opposed to stainless steel. When iron oxide forms on the surface of a normal steel, it initiates formation of larger iron oxides that will eventually fall off hence the erosion.

But stainless steel means that your sheet is safer because the sufficient chromium it contains usually forms a passive film called chromium oxide that will prevent the sheet’s surface from oxygen diffusion hence preventing further surface corrosion and its encroachment further into the metal’s internal stricture.


-Architecture- used for roofing purposes, and sometimes it’s used for filming the interior walls.

-Monument and sculptures- some of the monument are covered by a film of these sheets to prevent them from corrosion especially in a case where the material used on the main frame isn’t as resistant.

-Automotive bodies- the aft body panel, the roofing of some cars such as Porsche Cayman, Cadillac are designed with thick sheets of stainless steel.

Some of the types of stainless steel sheets are;





After you have acquired your stainless steel sheet, be careful with the installation because it will affect the durability and the lifespan of your sheet. Steel and oxide ions are similar in size and therefore they bond strongly and remain attached to the metal’s surface. It is important to note that the passivity occurs when oxygen is present and the chromium proportion is high enough.


Medical Facility with Stainless Steel Counter tops.

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