The Best 4k Camera for Medical Photography and Imaging

Today we take photography and cameras for granted. Our smartphones have them, we take a look at a list of best action cameras and then take them on vacation to capture every moment. But cameras can have a profound impact on medical research.

Photography, the art and science of creating durable images by recording light either chemically or electronically using a photosensitive material such as a photographic material or image sensor is one of the most delicate practices that have spanned careers and given us names such as Anna Leibovitz . They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What better way to explain the magic captured by still or motion pictures. Like a moment in history brought to life by an image.

Cameras for sure have evolved since the 1820s and corporations have been working around the clock to bring to reality the latest and most efficient devices most notably the superb digital cameras. Among these developments is the use of 4k cameras in photography which begun in 2003 when the Dalsa Origin was introduced into the market taking it by storm. These 4k cameras revolved around production of high definition Images with a 19:10 aspect ratio.

They were the precursor to the Digital Camera Initiatives (DCI) and the culturally popular Ultra High Definition Television(UHDTV). So which 4k cameras are currently available in the market? Sony PXW -2100 Pro 4k Camera Sony has always been a pioneer in the camera field and the 4096*2160,3840*2160 Ultra HD is one of the best of the 4k family available in the market. It is high resolution and being price at below $6000; it is one of the high quality pocket friendly cameras available in the market. Samsung NX1000 Relatively new in the market this 28.2 mega pixels camera is a new dawn for 4k photography.


It has a APS -C CMOS sensor and a capability of up to 15fps continuous shooting making it an ideal camera for both outdoor photography and professional photography. Its unique feature is that it has a wi-fi capability and can be linked to other devices such as scanners and smartphones. The Panasonic Lumix DMC GH3 This Panasonic made camera also offers the panoramic view that characterizes high resolution 4k cameras. Its a mirror less and interchangeable lens camera with a megabit speed of being able to record up to 72 megabits per second of video. It has an internal microphone to capture sounds .

On top of this the Lumix DMC also has wifi capabilities and is able to communicate with smart phones and tablets through wireless connections. It also has the unique capability of capturing the geo coordinates of a place and include them in the final images. With the 4k cameras we can now enjoy superior quality videos on Netflix and Youtube. Check out these related posts.